6501D – OQ/PQ Standards

Caffeine is a behaviorally active substance mainly found in beverages like coffee and tea. It can have diverse effects on brain functions.


Operation Qualification and Performance Qualification standards – 6501D

Caffeine in Water and Pyrene in methanol standards kit designed to perform  operation and performance qualification for Normal HPLC Systems and Fast HPLC Systems, the contains the below concentations :


This kit consists of :

Caffeine in Water

  • 10    µg/mL
  • 60     µg/mL
  • 140   µg/mL 
  • 220   µg/mL
  • 300    µg/mL
  • 2000  µg/mL 
Pyrene in Methanol
  • µg/mL
Qualifcation SOP is available upon request after purchasing the kit.